Cao Jinfang, Chairman of Jingneng New Energy, joins China Electric Vehicle Association (CEVA)

2024-03-14 11:44

On the afternoon of December 21, 2023, Mr. Cao Jinfang, Chairman of Jingneng New Energy, and his delegation visited China Association of 100 Electric Vehicles (CAEV), where they were warmly received by Mr. Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CAEV, and other relevant persons in charge.


Mr. Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chairman of the Board, welcomed the visit of Cao Jinfang and his delegation. The two sides exchanged and discussed the development trend of China's energy storage industry and the development prospect of sodium ion technology, the current development trend of automobile overseas market and other issues.

During the discussion, Mr. Sun Maojian, President of Strategic Development of Jingneng New Energy, introduced the company's product layout in the field of sodium energy storage, super liquid-cooled charging pile and power exchange station. In recent years, the enterprise relies on the technology research and development team and technical strength, Jingneng New Energy and Sany Heavy Industry in the charging, switching and other areas of comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, has grown into a new energy integrated solution provider.

Mr. Cao Jinfang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, focused on the development layout of the enterprise in the field of sodium-ion batteries and the operational experience in the field of "optical storage, charging, switching and inspection integration". In the future, the company will focus on the three main scenarios of heavy trucks and heavy machinery, two-wheeled electric vehicles, and energy storage, and accelerate the market application of sodium-ion batteries. In addition, Chairman Cao Jinfang also emphasized that with the promotion of carbon neutral policy and the growth of power market demand, the policy support for energy storage has been increasing. He hoped to strengthen collaboration with the Hundred People's Association to jointly promote the large-scale development of the sodium-ion battery energy storage industry.

In addition, this year, Jingneng New Energy and ChuanYi Technology jointly developed and produced sodium-ion batteries, and continued to deeply promote the application of sodium-ion batteries in energy storage scenarios.

Mr. Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that in the rapid development of the energy sector, the prospect of the energy storage industry has attracted a lot of attention. With the growth of power market demand and the upgrading of energy structure, it is believed that the sodium-ion battery energy storage industry will usher in more development opportunities and broader market prospects. At the same time, they also recognized the achievements and experience of Jingneng New Energy in the "integration of optical storage, charging, switching and inspection". The two sides discussed the operation mode and economy of high-speed, park and remote areas.


Zhang Yongwei, vice chairman of the Board of Directors, said that the future will focus on promoting the construction of integrated energy service system, and invited industry representatives to participate. First of all, to carry out policy, technology, mode and other aspects of the research and discussion work, to promote the "light storage, charging and switching through the inspection integration" development. Secondly, the Hundred will also cooperate with some cities to explore high-speed application scenarios to carry out "energy island" and other demonstration projects, such as Hainan 988km island highway. Thirdly, in 2024, the 100 will be ready to start the global new energy vehicle internationalization platform, aiming to support Chinese enterprises to better go out, help enterprises to develop the local market, and create a better environment. Based on the Jingneng New Energy's industrial layout in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and other countries, the Committee of 100 is expected to become one of the initiators of the energy and infrastructure sector representatives.