Diversified Ecosystem

Government Regulation

We offer big data API access services to governments for energy and data, fostering the development of comprehensive service platforms for 'Connected Vehicles, Energy Networks, and the Internet,' thereby empowering the construction of smart cities.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate with group enterprise ERP data, facilitating data migration and saving time for users inputting data.

Intelligent Automatic Car Wash

We support integration with intelligent car wash machines, enabling automatic recognition of vehicle outlines, intelligent brush operation, and automatic adaptation to various vehicle types.

Parking Space Locks

Integrate with the parking space lock platform to trigger high-definition camera recognition of license plates when a vehicle enters. For new energy vehicles, automatically release the lock and initiate charging. Upon the vehicle leaving after full charging, the system automatically closes the lock.

Intelligent Barrier Gates

The platform communicates with barrier gates. Upon the exit of a new energy vehicle, the system automatically assesses whether the parking and charging durations, collected by the barrier gates and charging piles, exceed the permitted limit.

Traffic Diversion Platform

Support platforms like Alipay, Xin Diantu, Amap, Baidu Maps, Xiaoju Charging, Nenglian Zhidian, etc., for traffic diversion.

SAAS Platform Architecture

Safe Charging Cloud

 Interconnected Cloud

Ecological Operation Cloud

Payment Settlement Cloud

Operation and Maintenance Cloud

Smart Internet of Things (IoT) SAAS

Group Users

Operator Users

 Private Pile Users

Data Security

Uncompromised Security


Our Partners

All AC Charging Stations

JingNeng New Energy's AC charging stations are suitable for both home and commercial use.

All DC Fast Charging Stations

The global trend toward green energy transformation is unstoppable. Start unlocking the entrepreneurial code now

All Distributed & liquid-cooling Ultra-Fast Charging Stations

 Ultra-fast charging is the future trend—1 second for 1 kilometer, making charging as fast as refueling