Jing Bao Series AC 7kW

Plastic body design, compact in size and support both wall-mounted and column installations, it features one-button-start charging.

Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Fluorescent Series AC 7kW/11KW/22KW

Metal body design with higher water and dust resistance, two power input options, supports both wall-mounted and column installations.

Suitable for residential, commercial, corporate, school, hospital use, etc.

Jingneng SAAS Intergrated Smart Energy Management Platform

An all-in-one ecosystem-sharing charging service operation platform.

Compatible with multiple protocols

big data analytics

 city-level supervision

intelligent IoT

monitoring + prevention

Our Home Charging Solution Advantages:


 Safety and Reliability

Support multiple safety protection measures, including temperature protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the home charging process.


 Intelligent Control

Our system features an intelligent control system that automatically adjusts charging parameters based on the real-time conditions of the vehicle

03 Smart Management

Our system comes with intelligent management Apps, enabling remote monitoring and control of charging stations. This provides real-time information on charging status and vehicle data.



Jingneng provides rich options of customziation according to requirements of our clients, for different countries and operation requirements