Common fault alarm prompts and solutions for charging piles

2024-03-14 11:39

01 No response after insertion

1. No green light flashing after insertion, or the electronic lock is not closed after charging prompt, pull the gun and insert the charging gun into place again;

2. The vehicle ACC is not opened (different vehicles have different phenomena), open the vehicle ACC;

3. Insertion and extraction of the gun are too frequent, insert the gun after one minute;

4. The above methods can not be used after trying, contact the staff for maintenance;

02 Charging current is too small

1. The vehicle demand current is small, which is normal; (click BMS information to check the charging demand)

2. The ambient temperature is too low, battery protection, preheating for a period of time after the current recovery (if the current is not restored after charging re-injected start);

3. The internal temperature of the battery is too high, battery protection (different brands of vehicle protection value is different) to reduce the demand current, which is normal; (click BMS information to check the battery temperature)

4. Check the BMS information is normal, the charging current can not meet the demand, enter the device parameter setting to check whether the module parameter setting is correct, and check the working state of the module in the status query; (contact the staff to confirm)

03 Emergency shutdown

1. Twist the red emergency stop button clockwise to restore

04 No response to card swiping

1. The card swipe prompts that the account does not exist. Please confirm that the charging card is an online card/offline card, and select the correct cost control mode in the parameter settings;

2. The card swipe prompts that the account is locked. Please contact the card issuing staff to unlock it with the card issuing device;

3. There is no sound prompted by the card swipe, and the working indicator light of the card swiper is not on, (contact the staff)

05 Background communication failure

1. Use Ethernet to prompt network failure, check whether the network routing is normal and stable, and whether the network cable is conductive (try to change the local IP in the network parameters)

2. Use 4G network to prompt network failure, the signal is not good, the network often loses the line, and has been in the state of losing the line. The power failure can not be restored after restarting. Contact the operator to check whether the traffic is insufficient or the network is overdue;

06 Input over/undervoltage

1. Input over/undervoltage alarm prompts, check whether the input power supply voltage is normal;

07 BMS communication failure

1. Switch the BMS voltage to 12/24V on the main page.

2. Some vehicles (generally large vehicles) have a master switch, which needs to be turned on before charging.Some models need to turn on ACC (key power) before charging.

3. If the above solutions are invalid, you need to take a small video of the charging page and the BMS information page to record the entire start process (the start process will last about 2 minutes).

08 Output overvoltage, overcurrent, abnormal current

1. Output overvoltage check parameter setting → protection set value setting → output overvoltage value, whether the setting is wrong;

2. Output overcurrent check parameter setting → protection set value setting → output overcurrent value/maximum charging current value, whether the setting is wrong;

3. Current abnormality check parameter setting → ammeter parameter setting → CT ratio, whether it is consistent with the current level of the shunt;check whether the module dial code is correct and whether all modules are communicating normally;

09 The screen is not bright

1. Open the front door of the charging pile to check whether the control board is working normally, the green indicator light on the motherboard is not bright, and the connection cable between the screen and the motherboard is loose; (no above phenomenon to replace the screen)

2. The indicator light on the door is not bright, the control board working indicator light is not bright, check whether the DC12V working voltage is available at the J5 position of the lower right corner of the motherboard (if the motherboard has no working voltage, check whether the switching power supply 1 is working normally, and check whether the fuse is conductive)

10 Charge gun lock gun

1. The electronic lock is closed during the charging of DC gun, and the charging gun is locked and cannot be pulled out (normal state);

2. After the charging is finished and the settlement is completed, the charging gun cannot be pulled out without unlocking, click the upper left corner of the screen to enter the maintenance menu → abnormal processing → click the corresponding charging gun for unlocking operation:

11 Insulation fault or alarm

1. A pile often reports insulation fault and stops charging, which may be water in the gun head.In the status query → insulation status, you can view real-time insulation resistance, and the normal value should be 499999.2. Individual vehicles (vans in the majority) alarm, usually vehicle insulation problems; national standard requirements insulation resistance is less than 375K will alarm, but can charge (at this time the yellow alarm lamp is often lit), reported insulation resistance is not safe.If less than 75K, it will not allow charging, reported bus insulation alarm;

12 High temperature alarm of equipment

1. Clean the dust from the side door vent;

2. Open the side door and restart the equipment to see if all the fans start normally (check whether the fuse is blown if half of the fans do not start)

3. Charge gun over-temperature alarm, check whether the T1+, T-, T2+ lines at the charging gun line transfer terminal are loose (the temperature variation of loose wiring is large)

13 Abnormal communication of the electricity meter

1. Open the front door of the charging pile to check whether the electricity meter screen is bright, whether the number and page are changed, and check whether the fuse is conductive;

14 Access control alarm

1. The charging pile's front door is not closed properly;

2. The access control switch is not closely touched with the door, so twist the access control switch outward (quit access control detection in the protection parameter setting).

15 Grounding alarm

1. The grounding resistance of charging pile is too large. Check whether the charging pile is normally connected with the grounding network of the distribution room;(the grounding detection can be turned off in the protection parameter setting)