What should be noted when installing a home AC charger ?

2024-03-13 14:15

Installing a home AC charger requires attention to several points:

1. Apply for a new electricity meter: Before installing the charger, visit the local state grid office to apply for a new electricity meter to measure the power consumption of the charging facility.

2. Installation location: Install the charger as close as possible to the parking space of vehicle, for convenient charging, avoid installing it in damp, high-temperature, flammable or explosive environments.

3. Cable selection: Choose the appropriate wire gauge and length when installing charer. Lay and protect cables according to actual situation.

4. Waterproof measure: For outdoor installation, ensure proper waterproofing to prevent moisture enter charger causing short circuits or corrosion.

5. Safety protection: Ensure charger has sufficient safety protection, such as overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection to ensure personal and property safety.

6. Installation service: Choose a charger brand with an installation team and after-sales support. Ensure that the installation technician has the relevant qualifications and experience to guarantee the quality and safety of the installation.

7. Other details: Pay attention to other details during the installation, such as the selection of circuit breakers, fixing of cable conduits and placement of signage to ensure the safety and normal use of charger.

In summary, installing a home AC charger entails attention to multiple aspects. It is advisable for vehicle owners to select brand and service provider with qualification and experience in charger installation to ensure the quality and safety.