AC Charging Station

Jing Bao Series AC/7kW

Our product is compact, making it suitable for both wall-mounted and column installations. With its user-friendly design, charging can be initiated with just one button press.

Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Fluorescent Series AC/7kW-14kW

Our product features an ultra-thin body design and offers two power options. It supports both wall-mounted and column installations, providing versatility in placement.

Suitable for residential, commercial, corporate, school, and hospital use.

DC Charging Station

Charging Station & liquid-cooling Supercharging

Cloud Platform

Jingneng SAAS Intelligent Energy Integrated Platform

A one-stop ecological shared charging service operation platform

Wide-ranging functionality, seamless IoT integration, user-friendly operation, and robust compatibility.

Why choose Jingneng New Energy Charging Station?

Jingneng New Energy is a comprehensive provider of integrated solutions for charging, swapping, sodium-ion energy storage, light-storage charging and swapping, and smart cloud technologies. With a focus on research and development, production, sales, construction, and operation, we offer a wide range of charging station products. These include AC charging stations ranging from 7 kW to 84 kW, as well as liquid-cooling ultra-fast charging stations with a capacity of up to 960 kW. Our products support various payment methods, provide multiple pricing options, and are equipped with Ethernet, 4G, and WiFi communication capabilities. Seamless integration with back-end systems is achieved through the OCPP protocol.

Additionally, we offer a suite of complementary charging management software services. Our software empowers you to efficiently manage charging stations, monitor real-time data, and optimize your charging strategies.